When is it a good idea to use a Travel Agent? Have you wondered how one can benefit you? Or do you think travel agents are a dying breed? If we’re talking about the kind of travel agent that sits in an office taking trip orders and processing tickets, we agree with you. That type of travel agent is a thing of the past. Today’s travel agents can and will do so much more for you, and here’s how.

How Do You Benefit From Using a Travel Agent?

Today’s travel agents are VIP travel concierges. We’re custom travel planners who help make dream vacations a reality by advising and ensuring all the details are taken care of for you. We save you time, help you avoid hassles, and give you outstanding personal service to ensure your trip is excellent in every way.

To explain in more detail when to consider using a travel agent, we created this list:

1. You need to save time and frustration: Planning a travel itinerary takes a lot of time. It’s also stressful. How many hours did you spend researching and planning that last trip? Where to go, where to stay, how to get there, what to do there… The options are endless, and it’s easy to waste hours and days trying to figure it all out.

But you can avoid the headaches by having a travel planner do the time-consuming work of putting together a complex itinerary. A travel planner will take this task off your hands so you can sit back and dream of that upcoming trip.

2. You need to turn a complex trip into a seamless itinerary: You know those layovers from hell? You get them when you book through on-line travel-booking sites that dish up travel options for the masses. But when you go with a travel planner, no matter how many stops and destinations you want, they’ll all be stress-free and smooth sailing.

3. You want a single point of contact: Travel planners handle every aspect of your trip, from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more. If you try to book all these things yourself, you’ll end up playing phone tag, talking to countless different people to patch these things together. Instead, with a travel planner, you talk to one person and one person only. Doesn’t that sound much easier?

4. You want VIP treatment: Travel planners provide a “personal touch” by offering help and advice that a do-it-yourself site can’t and won’t provide. We get to know you, listen to your stories about previous trips, find out what you liked and what you disliked, and what you want to experience on this next trip. Then we custom tailor your wishes and deliver a travel package that fulfills your dreams and desires.

5. You want a consumer advocate at your side: Hurricane barreling toward you and that sugar-sand beach? Who are you going to call? Sure, all trips have a few surprises, but what about that real problem before or during your trip? Travel agents have the resources and the industry connections and knowledge to act on your behalf to resolve problems. In short, we have your back.

6. You don’t want to end up at a bad hotel or resort: Website photos can be deceiving, and online reviews aren’t always authentic. We’ve heard countless nightmarish stories of do-it-yourself travel bookers ending up in less than ideal places, and some of these experiences were downright horrifying. Travel planners ensure this sort of thing never happens because they know where they’re sending their customers, and they have inside scoop to make sure you never get a bad hotel, tour or dinner reservation.

7. You want unlimited great advice: Travel agents are advisors. Before, during and after the trip, they’ll give you unlimited great advice. They know and are always happy to share the pros and cons of different locations and experiences, and they never get tired of what might seem to you like a silly question.

8. You want to go where the locals go: Who wants to go to Playa del Carmen and eat at a US chain restaurant? Seriously, we’ve heard of do-it-yourself travelers getting stuck without a reservation and ending up eating at Johnny Rockets in Playa! While chain restaurants are ok back home, we know you want to find the good places to shop, eat and drink, and we’ve got the inside information to get you to them.

9. You want access to lower rates and fares: People sometimes have the mistaken belief that travel planners are just an added cost. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, travel agents can connect you with money-saving benefits, like room upgrades and spa, food and beverage credits that you can’t find on sites that feed you mass travel itineraries. They can also help you avoid some of those hidden added costs.

10. You want more choices: A travel agent will offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you an upper hand when making your travel decisions. Instead, if you go with a booking site, you’ll be forced to fit your needs into a pre-packaged box.

Hopefully we answered your questions about the services provided by today’s travel agents. And with all these compelling reasons to let a travel planner arrange your next trip, we hope you’ll connect with us for an initial quote.