Are you one that struggles with what to pack and how to pack light for your next trip?

I too, struggle with what to pack and probably one of the worst offenders of taking far more than I need. Take a journey with me as I share my favorite top 10 tips for packing light.

1. Make a packing list and stick to it – not only does it keep you on task but it also reminds you of that one item you so often forget. Free tools like Cozi help simplify list building and let you share with other travelers.

2. Lay out everything that you want to take and then put half of it back – I have tried this and when I listen to my own advice, it does work.  I am an over-packer and end up with several items left unused and wrinkled when I get home.  Remember, that fun sun dress will work as a beach cover up another day.

3. Pack only what you need – How often do we pack that one extra …, just in case item?  Check the local weather for your destination, what activities you will be doing and pack accordingly.  No need to take that heavy overcoat if the weather is going to be mild.

4. Narrow your shoes down to a select few – Good walking shoes, a dress pair and a pair of flip flops should do the trick.  Traveling to a colder destination, replace the flip flops with a good pair of boots.

5. Wear your heaviest shoes and jacket when you travel – This lightens the weight of your suitcase and your jacket serves as a pillow or blanket on those chilly flights.  No need to pay for them, you’ve brought your own.

6. Trim down your toiletries and makeup – Buy the small travel size bottles and fill them with your favorite shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.  Travel size toothpaste and hair drier work well too.  Better yet, if the hotel provides the hair drier, leave yours at home. Take only your favorite (bare necessity) makeup items.

7. Do a bit of wash – A laundry stain stick and individual size of laundry soap will come in handy.  You can always hand wash a few items and wear them again.

8. Choose a color scheme – Sticking to a color scheme will reduce the number of pairs of shoes you take and you can mix and match different pieces to change the outfit.

9. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on – If you’re checking your luggage, this is an allowable “just in case” item.

10. Buy a durable, lightweight piece of luggage and do not fill it – Save some room for those souvenirs.

I hope this helps you with your next packing adventure.  I, too will be sticking to my top 10 tips to travel light and will keep you posted on how I do.