I normally speak about Happy Travels and feel I need to offer this bit of information that is not so happy. To those suffering the loss or illness of a loved one that is miles from your home town, there is help. Bereavement or Compassion Fares and Flights are available to those of us in need.

I recently suffered the loss of my mother and am dealing with the extended illness of my 91 year old father. I was in mad rush to attend a funeral and then visit my father before he leaves us. Read along to learn more about how I found the best bereavement fares for my sad journey home.

I researched and called several airlines and am so very thankful for Delta Airlines.  They not only got me where I needed to go, adjusted their pricing where it was available and changed one flight waiving the standard flight change fee. They will change your flights (multiple times) without that $150.00 change fee. Their reservation agents were kind, caring, understanding and offered some much needed comfort with my travels.

The trick here is that you need to call Delta Airlines directly at 800-221-1212 and need to be a Delta SkyMiles member. Not to worry if you are not a SkyMiles member, they will sign you up for the program and then book your ticket. Granted there are still restrictions, rules that we must follow and required information regarding our loved one and yet they do offer the best option during this time. All other airlines I spoke with did not offer near the help and assistance that Delta’s Bereavement fares offered.

This travel agent has found that Delta may be our answer to our time in need.

If you need any help or assistance with your Bereavement Flights, Our travel agency will gladly provide our services and assistance with no booking or service fees. This is the least we can do in your time of need.


Laura Kreitz