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Welcome to an experience in luxury-style romance travel.  Laura Kreitz provides stress free, Simple & Pleasant travel planning for your next trip, adventure, or vacation.

Do you want someone to take the hassle out of planning your next dream trip?

Do you need help finding that right destination and experience that will satisfy your imagination?

Laura Kreitz is a certified travel associate (CTA) and is an expert in helping plan luxury-style romance travel. She has helped many folks plan their special destination wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or romantic getaway.

Going on your dream trip does NOT require you to struggle through a labor-intensive trip planning process. Why waste time when you can work with one the best travel agents in Austin.

Laura helps you save time planning your dream trip and if you don’t know where to go for your next romantic getaway, she can help with that too!

Laura Knows How to Plan a Great Trip

Laura constantly researches luxury-style destinations and services to ensure that every aspect of your travel itinerary is covered. The properties and services she suggest match up with the expectations her clients commonly use to describe their dream trips: things like their desired destination, authentic experience, exclusive accommodations and being pampered.

Do You Really Want a Part-time Job?

You have enough to do without taking on the part-time job of planning your next dream trip. Why spend hours self-planning a trip only to find out you missed something important. That’s why Laura offers this website and her travel advisor services. Laura’s travel planning services are like having your own personal travel concierge.

What Other Say About Laura’s Travel Planning Services

“Laura planned our honeymoon to Maui and couldn’t have been any easier. She helped us so much and it was amazing. Everyone needs to use her to plan any trip! She was so quick with our first itinerary and had the trip booked within a couple weeks of just meeting her. We didn’t worry at all about our honeymoon. Everything turned out soo amazing!! ~~ Lisa S, Austin, TX

“Laura booked a trip to Atlantis for our family, and with never being there before and the cost, we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best for the money. Laura handled every bit of our expectations with diligence and really went above and beyond. We travel a lot and can be very demanding on our wants, since we cherish our vacation time, and Laura stood up and exceeded our wants!!”   ~~  Todd G, Austin, TX

About Laura Kreitz

laura kreitz

Laura Kreitz CTA

Laura Kreitz, CTA is a travel agent and owner of the Simple Pleasures Travel Agency in Austin. Founded in 2009 and focused exclusively on luxury-style romance travel, Laura focuses on doing what she loves most: planning travel for her clients.

Laura is a true travel advisor. You’ll find her details-oriented approach to travel planning to be effective and calming. She developed this focus on travel planning over the past few years of traveling throughout the world and working on-location in resort destinations like Aspen and Crested Butte, Colorado. Each of which, every year draws thousands of Texans away from the summer heat.

When Laura isn’t busy advising her clients on their trips, you’ll find her enjoying the Mountains of Colorado or touring beach-front properties in luxury destinations like Hawaii, Riviera Maya and Tahiti with her husband.

Now that you know a little bit about Laura’s expert travel advisor services, why not tell her where you want to go for your next dream trip, vacation or adventure. Just fill out the form below and press the “Get It” button when your through.

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