Do I Ship or Rent a Mountain Bike on My Next Trip?

By May 6, 2011 October 21st, 2016 Singletrack Travel

When planning a mountain bike trip, a common question we get here at Simple Pleasures Travel is… “Do I rent a mountain bike or ship my mountain bike?”

The best answer to this question is what makes the most sense for you.  In most cases, bringing your own bike on your mountain bike adventure represents additional cost to your trip.

However, this your adventure and having your prized mountain bike with you may be worth the extra cost.  For others, the opportunity to ride a different mountain bike and forgo the additional costs of shipping may make the most sense.

Before making that decision, we’ve highlighted some things to consider to help your mountain bike adventure in Crested Butte go as smoothly as possible.

  • Cost of Shipping – Shipping can range from $115 – $140 depending on the weight of your bike and the value/insurance you require.  For example, the cost to ship a 35Lb bike package with a $2500 insurance policy cost $120 via FedEx 3-day Ground Service.  Make sure you insure your bike for the full replacement costs.  Simple Pleasures Travel also provides bike staging.  You ship your bike to our Crested Butte Office and we’ll have it unpacked and ready to go when you get here.
  • Quality/Types of Rental Bikes available on location – Let’s face it, no one wants to spend a bunch of money to go on a mountain bike adventure and then have to ride a bike that’s no fun to ride.  Being hyper-sensitive to bike brands, quality and weight might suggest that you would be more happy bringing your own bike.
  • Cost of Renting – Bike rental rates are based on the type of bike and how long you want to rent.  Half-day, full day, multi-day and weekly rental rates are available.  Rates start as low as $35.  Let us know how long you want ride and we’ll pull together the best rates for you.  Group rates are also available.
  • Time to get comfortable on the new rig – sizing your bike and getting the seats/reach dialed in.  We recommend sending us your measurements to ensure you’re a good fit for a particular rental size.  We’ll work with our rental providers to select a bike that best maps to your current bike’s geometry.  Hey, we’re bike people, we know how important it is to have a bike that fits!
  • Type of Mountain Bike Riding – Our Country is full of great mountain biking and Colorado is no exception.  Here the trails are full of single track, looooooong uphills and downhills.  For many of the trails in Crested Butte, full suspension bikes with larger brakes are the best choice.  These bikes may weigh more than your current bike but, are designed for comfortable all-day riding in the mountains.  Crested Butte offers plenty of other options for riding from gravel and jeep roads to full-fledged bombing down ski-slopes on a downhill specific rig.
  • Purpose of the trip – are you going to do some fun mountain biking or are you planing to compete at altitude?  There are some great races in Crested Butte this summer including the Wildflower Rush (Part of the grand daddy CB Fat Tire Festival) and the Leadville 100 Qualifier race.  Probably makes the most sense to bring your bike to “race” and perhaps renting a bike to “ride”.
  • Personal Preference – If you bought your bike with the dream of riding it down a beautiful trail in Colorado or have difficulty sizing a bike to your body, leaving it at home may leave a sour note on your trip.  Not worth the savings to be missing your bike when you’re riding a rental.

Simple Pleasures Travel has teamed up with the best bike shops in Crested Butte to maximize your fun. Whether you rent or ship your bike, that decision is all up to you.  We will be here to make sure your ride goes as smoothly as possible.

The time to start planning your mountain bike trip to Crested Butte is now!  Please call or send us your dates and we’ll put together your custom trip itinerary.

It’s time to play this summer in Crested Butte.  Let’s go Ride!


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