Find Your Favorite Tropical Paradise


Set Your Sights on French Polynesia

Favorite Tropical Paradise

There are so many beautiful tropical destinations, how can one possibly choose a favorite tropical paradise?

Tropical destinations are amazing getaways  any time of year, especially when we have had enough of winter and that soft, white cold stuff called snow.  The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty of the tropics renews you.  The warm sand between your toes, the smell of tropical flowers and the sound of children’s laughter provides a moment of bliss.

Along with those moments of bliss and our toes in the sand, we have the pleasure of exploring new destinations, diverse cultures and historical sites.  The sights and sounds of these tropical destinations are beyond imagination and once traveled, the bragging rights are great.

Simple Pleasures Travel specializes in the destinations of Hawaii and Mexico and has planned many dream experiences to Belize, the Caribbean and sailing the coast of Croatia.

Whether it be a dream cruise,  a vacation to Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji, an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, or an adventure to a Tree House in Costa Rica, let Simple Pleasures Travel tailor that unique experience for you.